Mama’s dress is provided by Abbie Franz Photography’s Client Wardrobe, and available to all clients. I think newborn magic is contagious. There’s tranquility even in the chaos and the rhythms of a newborn make you slow down. It’s not easy and it is messy, but it’s beautiful and so very short. When I […]

Abbie Franz Specializes in Family Photography in Pennsylvania My darling, let’s run in the fields, dance in the sun and laugh till it hurts. Let us look back on this time with smiles and no regrets of working too much, for it is fleeting… Keep Them Little In Pictures I write this post as my girl […]

Abbie Franz Photography Specializes in Motherhood Photography Sessions in Pennsylvania  As I snuggle my girl while she falls asleep and fights sleep by poking my face. I do as I have done since I was a child and think “remember this, remember this, remember this”… hoping the mantra will somehow lock away and preserve this […]