During holiday breaks I take time to evaluate what is working in our  yearly homeschool plan, what needs tweaking, and what I may need to add to our schooling. My steps to this begin with an evaluation/test time for my daughter and talking to her about things she has enjoyed in our school time […]

Music lesson for homeschoolers and all families – Song Study   This year I decided to add song study to our homeschool day. I picked two categories of songs from which to choose, Hymns and Folk Songs and one song from each category to teach each term. For our fall term our hymn is “All […]

A math lesson for preschoolers.   From an early age my oldest daughter has shown a love for art, both creating and viewing. In planning our homeschool lessons this year I wanted to take our art studies to a new place. Not only would we learn about artists and their works but we would use […]

The Items in this post were gifted, all opinions are my own.   This year has been strange and difficult for everyone. My little family just finished moving for a second time this year. The first move was at the beginning of March when the first lockdown in our area began, the second was the […]

This Post Includes Affiliate Links   A few weeks ago we made a beautiful floral salt dough craft and I received so many messages on Instagram about it that I decided to share the directions here. My little girl is three and loves crafts and art so we spend a lot of our time making […]

The heat and long days of summer have made it nearly impossible to believe that autumn is near. When the air becomes crisp and the leaves begin to change I want to be cuddled up with my little family; sipping warmed cider and wearing a giant sweater. Though autumn brings to memory the smell of […]

Beautiful Nursery Decor is easier to acheive and afford then you may think! I’ve always loved beautiful and ornate home decor. My taste leans towards feminine but is balanced by my husband. When I was planning my little girl’s nursery I wanted to find nursery decor that was beautiful and functional. For me, it was […]

    Mama’s dress is provided by Abbie Franz Photography’s Client Wardrobe, and available to all clients. I think newborn magic is contagious. There’s tranquility even in the chaos and the rhythms of a newborn make you slow down. It’s not easy and it is messy, but it’s beautiful and so very short. When I […]

Abbie Franz Specializes in Family Photography in Pennsylvania My darling, let’s run in the fields, dance in the sun and laugh till it hurts. Let us look back on this time with smiles and no regrets of working too much, for it is fleeting… Keep Them Little In Pictures I write this post as my girl […]

Abbie Franz Photography Specializes in Motherhood Photography Sessions in Pennsylvania  As I snuggle my girl while she falls asleep and fights sleep by poking my face. I do as I have done since I was a child and think “remember this, remember this, remember this”… hoping the mantra will somehow lock away and preserve this […]