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A Math Lesson for Preschoolers with Art Integration

A math lesson for preschoolers.


From an early age my oldest daughter has shown a love for art, both creating and viewing. In planning our homeschool lessons this year I wanted to take our art studies to a new place. Not only would we learn about artists and their works but we would use paintings to learn different concepts throughout our reading, writing, and math lessons.

I have a few different math lessons and I’ll be sharing them throughout this series.

This first math lesson is all about counting.


Materials needed: (all my materials are linked below)

  • 5 to 10 Thematic paintings (for example- all pictures of people picking apples or all pictures of snowy day etc.)
  • Counters 
  • Wooden Numbers or sheets of paper with individual numbers written on them.

Math Lesson:

  • Choose pictures within a theme, so the student can see the similarities and differences. 
  • Line the pictures up in a row and have your student study them. Ask them to tell you what colors they see, what is the same or different in the pictures etc.
  • Then  have your student count a specific object in each picture. In the example pictures, the assignment was to count the number of people in each picture and then place the matching number on top of the picture.


  • After your student has counted the object have them arrange the pictures in numerical order.
  • As an extension to this math lesson, have your student use counters and place the corresponding number of counters on to each painting.

Note: I like to do this math lesson a few times a week using different paintings. We have seasonal art that I choose from. I have linked my favorite source for this below! 




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