Daily Dress Up & Day Wear During A Pandemic

The Items in this post were gifted, all opinions are my own.


This year has been strange and difficult for everyone. My little family just finished moving for a second time this year. The first move was at the beginning of March when the first lockdown in our area began, the second was the beginning of August. During this time it could be easy to resort to full on pajama mode, especially for little ones. This is not what we did, instead we have been spending most of our days playing dress up. Sometimes in costume or in our favorite dresses.Day Wear from Baby Beau and Belle

My little one in her Day Wear from Baby Beau and Belle


My 3.5 year old LOVES dresses so this was something that happened naturally. For myself, I find dresses to be easier, especially as a nursing mama. My littlest girl was born in January right before Covid Lockdown. She is now at the stage of laying on her tummy and trying to crawl. Dresses are not the best choice, but little sister has been part of the overly dressed group in our house too!


Beautiful Day Wear from Baby Beau & Belle. Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Bloomers in Marigold with matching bonnet, shoes and other accessories.


I discovered Baby Beau and Belle when I was searching for a Baptism gown and was pleased to find that they also make beautiful day wear for little ones. I am so happy to partner with this family owned brand to showcase their day wear.

The perfect Day Wear for around the house or out on the town


If you follow my instagram (@abbierfranz), then you may notice that my little ones wear the same clothes over and over. That is because I create capsule wardrobes for both myself and my girls. It was important to me that the outfit I chose from Baby Beau and Belle’s Day Wear would be something that would work well in her capsule wardrobe.

The Day Wear collection from Baby Beau & Belle is perfect for baby portrait sessions!

I chose the beautiful Petite Fleur Wrap & Bloomers in Marigold and my little one has worn each of the pieces many times.

Baby Day Wear ...Bloomers, wrap Top, bonnet from Baby Beau & Belle


About a month ago my girls and I spend the day taking pictures around our home pretending to be out on an adventure. We had so much fun! The Petite Fleur Day Wear was perfect for pretending to be out on the town. We have done similar things throughout the pandemic. Playing pretend in pretty clothes has made the time much more enjoyable, even if just for those fleeting moments.

Love to You & Be Well!

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