Beautiful Nursery Decor

Beautiful Nursery Decor is easier to acheive and afford then you may think!

I’ve always loved beautiful and ornate home decor. My taste leans towards feminine but is balanced by my husband. When I was planning my little girl’s nursery I wanted to find nursery decor that was beautiful and functional. For me, it was important to find pieces that would stand the test of time and bring some whimsey to the space.

Finding and creating your own beautiful nursery decor

The first piece I found for my little ones room was a beat up dresser which is used both as a changing table and a dresser and will be used, hopefully, for many years. I sanded and painted the dresser and replaced all the knobs and pulls, making it perfect and like new. When planning your  little one’s nursery search for pieces that have multiple uses; such as a dresser that can also funtion as a changing table.

Search Craigslist, thrift stores, and Facebook Marketplace to find gently used pieces for a bargain. Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel are great places to search for furnishings, knick knacs, and bedding or just ideas.

If you’re worried about the work that goes into refinishing pieces, it’s really much easier then it appears. Chalk or Milk Paint is incredibly easy to use and if you’re pregnant is safe. I also refinished and changed the castors on a crib. The only new piece for her room, was the rocking chair…which I still don’t love.

Adding special pieces from your own childhood make a nursery extra special. The ballet shoes were mine from long ago and the peacock painting was painted by my grandma.

Nursery Decor…it’s in the details

As a photographer, it’s the details that really make a room stand out and become something unique and special. Take time to make a list of what you want this room to be for your child. For me, I wanted it to be a bit magical to do this I pulled together pieces for the nursery decor that that gave it that feeling. A handmaid floral mobile, a unicorn bust, a beautiful swan from  Crate and Kids, and other sweet little stuffed toys and dolls as well as beautiful books.

Of course, she did not play with the toys right away or read the books, but now she does. Maybe you’re not crafty or you don’t have the time to do everything on your own, search Etsy or local craft fairs for beautiful pieces or even ask a crafty friend to help you out and make it a fun night of movies, crafts, and treats! Espeically, if you are hoping to have in home newborn session, having meanigful nursery decor is always a plus.

Child Reading. Abbie Franz Photography


Most importantly, create a space that you and your child can enjoy. A place where imagination will flourish and where you won’t mind spending late nights.

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