April 24, 2019

Family Photography Philadelphia PA | Let’s Play

Abbie Franz Specializes in Family Photography in Pennsylvania

My darling, let’s run in the fields, dance in the sun and laugh till it hurts. Let us look back on this time with smiles and no regrets of working too much, for it is fleeting…

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Keep Them Little In Pictures

I write this post as my girl is taking a rest, her long naps seem to be long gone since she turned two and now she reads in her “big girl bed” for about an hour each afternoon. Recently, I’ve been feeling an even greater urge, to be in the moment, to put away my phone and leave the world behind while I am just with my family. I sometimes fantasize about living in the days of Laura Ingles Wider and just spending the days caring and being with my loved ones and no one can find us unless we sent a letter.

This is where the beginning of my love for family photography lies; the simple desire to freeze a moment in time and keep them little even if it’s just in pictures.


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Each Family Photography Session is Unique 

So often we want to capture everything and anything in pictures and videos so we won’t forget that we end up not being present. I know I am guilty of this. But, what if you could be in the moment and have these moments captured? 

I would love to take an adventure with your family this spring and summer. It could be in your backyard, on a farm, in the woods, or maybe a garden. I would love to capture your family as you discover new and beautiful things in our world. Does this sound like something you would love? A family adventure, captured while you just live in the moment? Send me a message or give me a call, I’d love to do this for you!


If you would like to reserve a date on my calendar, click here or email me directly at I look forward to chatting!

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